Slice Of PIE™

If “it takes a whole village to raise a child,” then what was the village doing?
The Universe is part of the village. We are all part of a cosmic community.
Knowledge of this enables us to learn our place in it.

What is the purpose of the Planetarium Initiatory Event PIE?

For children:
Puberty is a time when “something happens” in children. It impacts parents/guardians and family. And it also happens in and impacts their schools and community.

At this time children yearn for experiences that help them begin to figure out where they’ve come from, who they are and where they are going.

Children need to know the bigger story of the Universe in order to figure all of this out and feel like they fit in.

PIE offers an interactional multi-media experience for children and their parents as a foundation for learning together and guiding intentional conversations that help both navigate through this transition.

PIE is designed to help us benefit from the changes in an adolescent’s brain – neuroscientists call it the “adaptive brain” – and for them to help us remember the power of love and mediate the potential for hate and mean behavior.

Slice of PIE excerpted from “The PIE GUIDE: From Words to Deeds –Compassion in Action©
Captures narrative from the animated live action scenes in the planetarium show portion of PIE.

For Parents:

Parents become aware that their children are going through explosive changes in their bodies and brains and are given information and ways to help them prepare for it.

Parents affirm the beginning of their children’s emerging adulthood.

PIE offers parents an opportunity to recognize that something is happening with their children and with them as well. They are entering or are already enmeshed in their own changes – mid-life – facing their own mortality and beyond.

Slice of PIE Excerpted from “The PIE GUIDE: From Words to Deeds –Compassion in Action©
Captures narrative from the animated live action scenes in the planetarium show portion of PIE.

For Children, Parents and the Community:

PIE sets a different context with a new story and provides guidance for students to be in conversation with their parents around their place in the Universe and to decide to choose love & compassion over fear and hate. They come to recognize that their purpose is to help maintain balance between opposing forces in the universe. 

The Planetarium Initiatory Event brings parents together with children within a community that can join together to raise their children. It can become the beginning of a child’s rite of passage into adolescence and transition to adulthood.

PIE offers a shared story of the Universe as a foundation for parent child communication around connections and the need for balance between competing forces in the universe, especially balancing the forces of love and fear.
People can come together, share a piece of PIE within a community and raise their children together within a common story and set of guiding principles that foster Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Safety.

The Planetarium Initiatory Event – PIE is not your typical planetarium show. The full dome show is only one small part of the larger story and designed to impact an entire community. Before participants enter the dome special activities are designed to prepare both children and their parents for the experience. It increases the chance for real change to occur. Following the dome show conversations between adults and youth are designed to deepen participants’ understanding and put lessons learned into action.