What Is PIE?

The Planetarium Initiatory Event™ – PIE™ is more than just a planetarium show. It is an interactional multi-media youth and community development project. The process of serving PIE™ to nourish life includes:

  1. Participants dining together – creating a village within the cosmos.
  2. A seriesof videos that prepare people for participating in PIE that deepens their immersion in the experience.
  3. A 35-minute full dome planetarium show encompassing the beginning of the Universe, formation of galaxies, our own solar system and Earth along with the evolution of humans.
  4. Following the planetarium portion of PIE™ participant engage in a “Cosmic Café” – community conversation to uncover lessons learned and discuss putting lessons into action in ways that nourish life.
  5. Participants leave with the “PIE™ Guide: From Words to Deeds – Compassion in Action” and “The PIE™ Workbook”. These two resources support parent/teen conversations at home and in their community and facilitate putting lessons learned into action.

PIE™ is designed to bring people into the story of the Universe, to be there at the beginning, so they can know “who they are because they will come to understand” how all things are connected and in relationship. It is primarily for parents and their children entering puberty and offers important lessons for everyone.

Creating a Village within the Cosmos

Activities are strategically designed to foster participant interactions and strengthen relationships through sharing powerful experiences.
A meal is provided for people to dine together and create a village atmosphere. People are invited to become a village to raise their children together and to nourish life.

Language is Consciousness –
Serving PIE™ to Nourish Life

“Närings liv” is the Swedish word for business. It means “nourishment for life.” Together we explore and compare the English meaning of the word “business” and our existing practice as it relates to educating and raising children. Following the meal videos are presented to strengthen people’s preparation to participate in PIETM.  To find out more about the ‘Busyness’ of Raising Children, Read our blog posting on rope.org.

Preparation and Gradually Immersing Participants in PIE™

The first video – “En-Trance” is intended to bring participants together into a shared story of the Universe and increase their awareness of their relationship to it. Participants are invited to become open to different possibilities, suspend disbelief and begin a process of separation from where they were before and to enter the experience more fully. It depicts the relationship between all things forged at the time of the Big Bang and formation of the central elements in the Universe.

Two other videos – called “PREPARATION” are specifically designed, one for parents and another for teens. Each focuses attention on the different developmental stages of life, potential for a collision of transition’s between adolescence and mid-life and points out the virtues of creating a shared story to help parents and teens navigate these two life journeys in joy rather than conflict. It helps deepen their understanding of the activities, and prepares them for the process of participating in PIE.

Parents/adults enter the dome of the planetarium first to create a village for their children to enter.

Cartoon by Cathy Thorne