What’s The Story?

The story of PIE is carried by live action animated scenes featuring conversations among teenagers, college students and parents under the stars wondering about the Universe and their place in it. They are expressing Carl Sagan’s sentiments about everyone having a “sense of awe and wonder looking at the sky.” A dramatic dream sequence reveals hidden secrets to the teenagers including the purpose of adolescence and information they must share that is essential for their community’s survival.

Above: Graphic recording of a “Cosmic Conversation.”

Conversations on Questions that Matter

Immediately following the planetarium portion of PIE in the dome a Cosmic Café is convened for conversations guided to explore the lessons learned from PIETM, what is possible and how to put the lessons learned into practice in ways that nourish people’s lives. The conversations are graphically recorded and used to help unleash participant’s creative imagination.

Guides and Workbooks are provided to enhance learning and facilitate putting plans into action.

The “PIETM Guide: From Words to Deeds – Compassion in Action” and The “PIETM Workbook: Conversations – A New Frontier” support parent and teen continued conversations and help them put lessons learned into action in their home, school and community.