Ingredients for PIE

Part II: A Slice of PIE®

Ingredients and recipe for making and serving PIE®

PIE has ingredients that have to be mixed in the recommended proportions within the proper procedures.

Just like in any recipe, if you put in too much of one ingredient and not enough of another, if you don’t “cook it” for the correct amount of time it doesn’t turn out right.

And, it tastes that way!

You mix together:

1. Special welcome and “Together We Dine” design greets participant with a meal and informal conversation. Local businesses have donated all the food, beverages and set-ups.

2. Opening Video – “En-Trance” (approx. 6 min.) sets the context for PIE and prepares participants.

Youth & Parents are separated – 

3. Adults watch a special video “Preparation,” (approx. 3.5 min.) to deepen their understanding of the potential collision of transition between mid-life and adolescence to enhance their preparation.

4. Youth watch a special video also titled “Preparation,” (approx. 3.5 min.) that explores adolescence from a different perspective. It invites youth to consider what they would do if they knew they hold the keys to the Universe and survival of their community?

5. In a special way participants enter the planetarium, which is reframed as a place of initiation, a sacred space where transcendence and transformation is possible.

6. Immediately following the planetarium experience participants engage in conversations (Cosmic Café) to discuss lessons learned and begin to formulate plans to integrate lessons and put them into action.

7. Discussions are graphically recorded to enhance lessons and help participants creatively imagine new ideas for harvesting into plans to impact their lives and the lives of people in their homes, schools and community. Graphic recordings are posted on the web site.

Reference materials are provided to take home with:

8. The “PIE® Guide: From Words to Deeds – Compassion in Action©

9. The PIE® Workbook: Conversations: A New Frontier©.

10. The on-line resource at: supports putting lessons learned from PIE into action and serves as a place for communities to come together.

PIE can nourish life in a community and help them raise their children together when youth and adults, businesses, schools and youth development organizations come together with a planetarium. It can help to unleash the full power and potential for a planetarium to engage a community and be a center for learning and youth development.

Making PIE® Strengthens Community.