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The information in this section shares the story of PIE. It discusses what adolescents need to come of age within their family and community and how they were designed to help their community survive. It also provides more tools for “Partners in PIE,” people already serving PIE to nourish life in their community.

Compassion in action

What is kindness and compassion and how can we encourage it? »
Ways to show compassion »
Power of love in action worksheet: Suggestion for use »
Power of love action worksheet »
Plan for kindness »



A Story: “When in the Womb.” »

Here is an old story that is central to the overarching theme of PIE. It reveals ancient wisdom that inspires teenagers to wonder about the Universe and their place in it and the consequences of not helping them reconnect with this ancient wisdom.

PUBERTY – The Door To Possibilities Opens »

Puberty is our species’ way of letting individuals and the world know that the journey toward maturity and adulthood has begun. On pages 16 & 17 in the PIE Guide we discuss how each child develops within a unique set of circumstances and at a their own rate controlled by complex forces that we “sort of” know and others that are still a mystery.

Children come of age and mature within a number of different settings and environments. Youth development involves connecting  and enhancing  environments and building competencies which promote the positive development of children and youth in their families, schools, and among peers in their community and with a strong connection to the natural world. Click here to view The Social Development Model »

Clear expectations help to inform, guide and support maturity. Identify the values and skills that need to be learned to be competent and behave as expected in each of these places. Click here to view Expectations Chart »

Central Themes, Structure & Design »

PIE™ is designed as a “community intervention” and features an interactive multi-media Planetarium Initiatory Event (PIE) for parents/guardians and children entering puberty and transitioning from primary into secondary school.